Monday, August 30, 2010


My apologies for the lack of updates lately. I'm currently swamped with illustration work which involves models, scheduling photo shoots, lighting, compositing, research, and lots of time in Photoshop. I should have some time--possibly next week--to get back into painting.

Last week I got in a sample pack of RayMar linen panels (single and double primed) that I'm really looking forward to experimenting with. 95% of my work thus far has been on Ampersand Gessobord which has some great tooth and texture, but ultimately gives a very smooth, almost graphic quality to the paintings. I want to try out a different surface for a bit that is a little less predictable and encourages a little more looseness. I'll, of course, post the results here.

Thanks again for following along, and have a great week!


Carol Blackburn said...

Looking forward to seeing your next piece, Shane. Have a wonderful evening.

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