Friday, August 20, 2010

Wishful Thinking Update & More

This is just a quick reminder that Wishful Thinking gets a price reduction (from $150 to $100) tomorrow morning.  See Wishful Thinking and read more about it here.

And since I'd hate to waste your visit here just to see me talk about something as trivial as a price reduction, be sure to read this awesome write-up about "The Academic √Čbauche", or in a term that we can all understand, the art of the underpainting.  It's a great read that gets better as it goes along. If you don't have time to read it now, be sure to bookmark it and read about it later. Here are the links in three parts:

- part 1 -
- part 2 -
- part 3 -

Oh, and lastly I wanted to thank everyone who took advantage of the "Clear the Easel" sale.  All the pieces except for one have been sold.  Additionally, at the behest of my mom, I added one more to the sale page. I didn't add it initially as I felt the quality isn't up to par, but she threatened to post pictures of me on the internet in a blow-up pool as a child in nothing but my underwear, so I had to acquiesce.

Have a great weekend!


Adele said...

No - the photo was without underwear. Mom

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