Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaving Tomorrow

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning on a five-day painting/reference-gathering trip with my mom, Adele Earnshaw, her best friend (and my best man at my wedding 12 years ago), Joe Garcia, and my aunt Joanne Hanson. We'll be spending quite a bit of time in the car but we should have at least a day and a half for plein-air and time to stop whenever we spot something that needs to be photographed. Our destination is the picturesque town of Westcliffe, CO where Adele and Joe will be showing at the Art for the Sangres.
It should be a great trip and I'm looking forward to having five days to devote to painting and gathering reference. I also plan on blogging our progress during the trip and, if I can sneak some shots past the guards of Garcia, Hanson, and Earnshaw, posting some pictures of our plein-airs.
Below is an in-progress shot of a 12 x 24 piece I've been working on lately. The foreground is still very much in-progress, but since the landscape is Westcliffe, CO, I figured this would be an opportune time to post it, even unfinished as it is. I should have time to put the last 5% into finishing it when I get back next week.

Time to finish packing my panels, brushes, paints and...umm...oh yeah, clothes! More to come later from the road...


Carol Blackburn said...

Well, enjoy your trip.........yes, you do need to take a few articles of clothing. Best to aunt Joanne, too.

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