Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One a Day?

Man.  Trying to get a painting done every day is a huge challenge for me.  Often times I'm not done with my illustration work until 6pm, then it's riding bikes with the kids, playing legos, helping clean up, or other somesuch.  7pm to 8pm is dinner.  8pm to 9pm is reading books and getting the kids into bed.  By the time I can get back into the studio and rolling again its nearly 10pm.  I'm looking forward to when school starts again and bedtimes get moved an hour earlier.  Curse you Earth rotation!

I blocked in a piece last night and will finish it up tonight.  Here's a quick snapshot of the in-progress 6 x 8 with a ways to go yet:

While a daily painting remains a challenge, I'm committed to giving it my best shot.


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