Sunday, July 18, 2010

Next Week

My apologies for the lack of work posted this past week.  My father left on Saturday morning after spending a week visiting.  A hiking trip up the San Francisco Peaks, walks, a visit to the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona (note to self: visit Cameron, AZ again soon for delicious [and gigantic!] Indian Fry Bread), and numerous other tiny events sucked away the time I usually spend painting.  However, I have one piece about 80% completed and another at 50% that I should have done by Monday evening.  I'm behind in our latest "75 for 75" project that started on the 15th but I'm hoping to catch up by the end of this week.  So much to paint and so little time to paint it!

If you're on Facebook, feel free to follow along with our project adventures by joining the "75 for 75" group.

view from the Snowbowl entrance on the San Francisco Peaks


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