Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News and Older Pieces

Starting July 15th I will be embarking on another painting-a-day project with my mother, Adele Earnshaw. While I doubt I can actually complete my illustration work and a painting every day, I will be doing my best to keep up.  While my mom will do an alphabetical painting a day (read more here if you're confused), I'll be sticking with landscapes.  The difference this time is I won't be adhering strictly to 5 x 7s and will be branching out to larger sizes.  I'm looking forward to working a little larger and I'm excited to be starting another daily project!

I'm hoping to get some warm-up pieces done before the new project starts, but in the meantime here are some pieces from the "75 for 75" project that were done toward the beginning that I haven't posted here previously.  Since they were done earlier on when I was much more out-of-practice, I'm not as pleased with the results as I was toward the end of the project, but at the very least they serve as a great progress chart:


"Curious Three".  5 x 7 oil on panel.

"Foggy Bend".  4.75 x 7 oil on panel.



"Plenty to Eat".  5 x 7 oil on panel.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the pieces, drop by the "75 for 75" project Web site to view and purchase any of the 75 paintings.


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