Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Day Sam Lost His Watch


June 11th painting for the "75 for 75" project.

"The Day Sam Lost His Watch".  5 x 7 oil on board.

This painting, along with others by myself and my mother, Adele Earnshaw, are available for purchase.


Brian Cameron said...

Hi Shane
I'm checking out your work and it's very good I see you wander a little, as I do, as far as style. This one caught my eye as it looks similar to some landscpes I did last year. I like the way you did the field. The cows above is also super good!

Shane Rebenschied said...

Hiya Brian,
Thanks very much for the kind comments and the feedback! Yes, I definitely wander around a lot, especially since it has been so long since I painted last and I'm still trying to find a style and subject matter that clicks for me. Lately I've been marveling at work by Tonalists like Michael Workman and I think I'll travel down that path a bit to see where it leads. :)

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