Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"75 for 75" project - part two!

Being exposed to so much great art and beautiful scenery over the past five days has been a big inspiration and has made me want to start another "75 for 75" project.  So, on the way back from Westcliffe, CO yesterday, I challenged my mom (Adele Earnshaw) to another "75 for 75" battle starting Wednesday, October 6th and ending on Saturday, November 6th. We're going back to our roots with this one and I'll be doing landscapes (with a dog or two thrown in possibly). Adele has had many requests to repeat the bird theme, so she will be focusing on bird studies. Each day we will post our paintings on our respective Web sites (see below) as well as on our Facebook group page. It's always a challenge for me to balance my commercial illustration work with doing a painting each day, but over the past few months I think I've got a little more practice under my belt and I'm pretty confident that I can make the painting-a-day goal.

The goal is to produce at least one 5 x 7" painting each day, but I might not stick strictly to the 5 x 7 format. While Adele will be painting 5 x 7's, I might mix it up with some 6 x 8's, or 6 x 6's. I'll let the composition dictate the size, but most pieces will probably be 5 x 7.

We'd love for you to drop by now and then, take a peek at the work, offer some comments or words of encouragement, or simply just follow along! As before, each piece will be available on our Web sites, unframed, for $75.
Here are the Web sites where the work will be posted:

Adele Earnshaw:

Shane Rebenschied:

As with the last "75 for 75" project, I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to expand my abilities, try out new things, and I'm excited to see where it takes me.
We look forward to hearing from you, and let the games begin!

Oh, and since I posted so close together, don't forget to read about the Westcliffe trip below. :)


Carol Blackburn said...

Looking forward to seeing your work, Shane. That's some undertaking.

Shane Rebenschied said...

Thanks Carol! It's certainly an effort, but it's always fun and is a great exercise. I'm excited to get started!

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